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Company EKNIS has been working in the energy market of Ukraine since 2005.

The core business is system integration in the industrial, power and utility markets; delivering electrical equipment of all voltage classes for primary and secondary circuits; engineering, installation and commissioning up to 750 kV; service of gas­ insulated equipment.

Our main customers are companies of Power segment and large industrial companies.

Areas of system integration:

•    Relay protection and RTU intallation systems of high-voltage substation;
•    High-voltage substation control systems;
•    Network control centers of distributing and transition utilities;
•    Systems of visual display dispatching information;
•    Automation accounting systems for generating, distributing and transmitting electrical utilities and big industrial consumers;
•    Complete systems of accounting and asset management for industrial customers;
•    OEM process analytical systems;
•    Continuous emission monitoring systems;
•    Control, protection and excitation of synchronous motors;
•    Heat, water, fuel metering points for industrial plants;
•    Systems of reactive power compensation.

Experience and education of the assembling department personal guarantees the solutions to be of high quality and any level of complexity.

Eknis has in-house assembling of relay protection, automation systems and remote panels. We are offering standard and customized solutions.

The company EKNIS has all licenses, certificates and permits, including a certificate of quality management ISO 9001 required to engineering and services.



02/06/2018 OLYMPIC NETWORK GAMES 2018 took place, where our company participated in football competitions. The team of the company EKNIS demonstrated real cohesion. Team spirit and empathy was felt all who came to support the football team, feeling part of a close-knit team, useful and valuable - that's the secret of a healthy and strong corporate spirit. Only working in a team can get more opportunities than alone!!!

Seminar Annual Partner Conference — ABB Control Technologies 2018

10-13.04.2018 Company EKNIS, represented by the technical director Melnichuk Vladimir, took part in the annual seminar "Annual Partner Conference - ABB Control Technologies 2018", which was held in Sorrento, Italy.

Siemens’ control and measuring equipment and gas analyzers are a new step, new possibilities

22/02/2018 Specialists of our enterprise became participants of the seminar "Monitoring instrumentation and gas analyzers manufactured by Siemens", which took place on February 22, 2018 in the conference hall of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.